This Way Out

LGBTIQ Youth Resources:

The Trevor Project is a 24-hour, national help line for gay and questioning teens: U.S. toll-free phone#: 866-4U-TREVOR; website:

Angels and Doves is a U.S. anti-bullying non profit organization:

The National Center for Bullying Prevention promotes awareness and effective ways to respond to bullying:

The Matthew Shepard Foundation runs Matthew's Place, an online community and resource center for LGBTQ youth:

GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) also works to eradicate bullying and bias in U.S. schools:

PFLAG: Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays:

STOMP Out Bullying focuses on reducing bullying and cyber-bullying:

Bullying awareness and prevention:

The Bullying Business:

A guidebook to educate students of all ages and their families about what bullying is, why it happens, and what they can do to prevent it, is available here:

Legal resources for the LGBT community: Law Resources for the LGBT Community - Jim Adler & Associates.

Resources for Questioning Youth: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual:,-lesbian,-bisexual.htm.