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Dana Eagle Soars!

Fun with the Eagle, the hummer and the Last Comic Standing!
Three new books explore three disparate parts of the LGBT world!
Dozens of naked men are humiliated at a Cairo gay bathhouse crackdown, thousands protest EU sanctions over Gambia's anti-LGBT laws, English and Welsh "partners" finally get married, Seoul's mayor bows to human rights pressure, the IOC bans bias against the LGB but not the T, more!

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"This Way Out" Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon:

Greg Gordon

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Lucia Chappelle

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JD Doyle & Chris Wilson

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JD Doyle & Chris Wilson

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Steve Pride

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Jon Beaupré

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Christopher Gaal

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Natalie Peoples

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Sarah Sweeney

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Michelle-Marie Gilkeson

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Abby Dees

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Ryan Pest

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Kristin Mellian

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Michael LeBeau

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Chrisanne Eastwood

Queer Lit Commentator Janet Mason:

Janet Mason

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Janet Mason

"Rainbow Minute" Producers Judd Proctor & Brian Burns:

Judd Proctor (L) & Brian Burns (R)

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This Way Out 2014 Year In Review

Straight and to the point (so to speak): This is the time of year we ask our followers to support the work of our volunteer-driven nonprofit group of dedicated LGBT and ally community radio folk. Check out our "2014 Year in Review" below for dozens of reasons why "This Way Out" deserves your support. Our tens of thousands of listeners around the world, many of whom are in the closet and hear no other encouraging voices - along with LGBT activists and open-minded straight people - are informed, educated, and entertained by "This Way Out" each and every week.

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Greg Gordon
Coordinating Producer

What your (U.S. tax-deductible) Donations Made Possible This Year:

  We tracked U.S. marriage equality developments throughout the year that included on-scene coverage of hearings on the ban in Indiana at the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and of the Supreme Court’s subsequent refusal to hear marriage equality cases in several other states, immediately followed by the 9th Circuit adding 5 more to the burgeoning state marriage equality list; but then the 6th Circuit subsequently upheld marriage bans in 4 states, paving the path for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide the issue nationally.

  Multi-talented Emmy-winning actor/storyteller Leslie Jordan ("Will and Grace") dropped by to dish with Abby Dees, Steve Pride, and Chris Wilson about his work with Del Shores ("Sordid Lives"), Ryan Murphy ("American Horror Story"), and actors ranging from George Clooney to Jessica Lange.

  Kelly Cogswell chatted with Margarita Lopez, Luis Santiago, and Rosie Mendez, three prominent out New York City Puerto Rican activists, about fighting for respect from both the LGBT community and other Latinos.

  Steve Pride spoke with Edmund Bagnell, Christopher Marchant, Daniel Shevlin and Trevor Wadleigh of Well Strung – described by Steve as a cross between a string quartet and a boy band – interspersed with excerpts from their instrumental and vocal performances.

  Sochi-bound out tennis legend Billie-Jean King got fierce with Comedy Central’s ersatz rightwing TV pundit Stephen Colbert.

  Globetrotting Sapphic Nomads Katie Cook and Maggie Young sent "audio postcards" from the road as they explored LGBT life in Samoa, Mongolia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, India, and Ghana.

  Chris Wilson shared a "words and music" feature starring gay Filipino classical pianist turned pop singer/songwriter Andrew Abaria.

  Ugandan President Yoweri Musevini defended his country’s infamous "Anti-Homosexuality Law" on the day he signed the bill during an interview with CNN’s Zain Verjee; Public Research Associates and "Mother Jones" magazine captured Massachusetts anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively’s faux-"scientific" lectures about homosexuality in Kampala; and journalist Kelly Cogswell and filmmaker Harriet Hirshorn gathered on-scene comments at New York City’s contribution to a "Global Day of Action" to protest Nigeria’s draconian anti-LGBT law.

  It was the ceremony as much as the song that put the performance at the Grammy Awards by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis of their Grammy-winning hip-hop anthem "Same Love" in the history books, who – with the help of Mary Lambert, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, and surprise guest Madonna – serenaded 33 diverse couples as they were married by a QueenLatifah, that is… preceded earlier in the evening by the debut of his anti-bullying anthem, "Invisible", by rising young country star Hunter Hayes.

  Star University of Missouri (U.S.) football defensive end Michael Sam came out, hoping to be the first openly gay player in the National Football League, while University of Massachusetts sophomore Derrick Gordon became the first NCAA Division 1 basketball player to publicly come out as gay, famed Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe finally took the plunge, popular Christian rock musician Vicky Beeching became more revealing, and actress Ellen Page ("Juno") took her next step at the Human Rights Campaign’s "Time to Thrive" Conference to benefit queer youth.

  Out rocker Melissa Etheridge contributed to the cause of freedom for Russia’s LGBT people with her fundraising new single, "Uprising of Love", and Russian-born lesbian journalist Masha Gessen and U.S. writer Jeff Sharlet discussed that country’s escalating anti-LGBT repression on MSNBC’s "All In With Chris Hayes".

  Steven Reigns, Ian MacKinnon and Steve Pride round-tabled with transwoman extraordinaire Calpernia Addams, a consultant on movies like "Transamerica" and "Dallas Buyers Club", and a vocalist and entertainer in her own right.

  A blind, lesbian opera singer is pretty unique, but Laurie Rubin and her professional and life partner Jenny Taira are taking on another musical genre. As Pureland, the duo is exploring pop music with a message. They discussed their new direction for the first time with Abby Dees (with an excerpt from their latest single, "The Girl I Am", and a live in-studio performance of "Nose Job").

  Out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Mitchell") and ally Eric Stonestreet ("Cameron") discussed their "Modern Family" wedding on ABC-TV’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" andwith George Stephanopoulus and Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America", while the multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris told "The View’s" Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg about his real-life wedding – with help from their two 3-year-old twins – to his longtime beau David Burtka.

  It takes courage to be a political activist in the west central African nation of Cameroon – but still, sometimes the best strategy is retreat. That became the only option for out lesbian Gertrude Melong, who shared her story with Steve Pride (and translator Karimou Olatoundji).

  Minneapolis, Minnesota trans activist Andrea Jenkins discussed violence against trans-people with Dixie Treichel ["Fresh Fruit" on KFAI/Minneapolis-St. Paul] and shared "Eighteen", a poetic salute to her trans-sisters and -brothers.

  No, they're not Steve and Eydie, but Steve Reigns had a hot ticket to see a couple who've been called  "America's best, least-known lounge act"Tod "Mack" Macofsky and Christopher Michael "Poppy" Graham.

  Michelle-Marie Gilkeson explored the world of drag kings with Mo B. Dick – long may "he" reign – about performance, politics, and wearing the pants.

  Steve Pride interviewed now out former U.S. Major League Baseball player Billy Bean about being named the game’s Ambassador of Inclusion, while Chrisanne Eastwood chatted with the first active out (U.S.) National Basketball Association player Jason Collins, and Abby Dees and Wenzel Jones interviewed U.S. National Football League veteran punter and ally Chris Kluwe about his outspoken support for LGBT rights.

  We were "slammed" – twice – by New York-based self-described Black/Trans/Queer/Rowdy-as-Hell poet J. Mase III.

  Texas Governor Rick Perry (a potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate), Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, and Texas state Representative Bryan Hughes each trumpeted their homophobic ignorance.

  Steve Pride heard a new testament about love and equality from "marryin' Methodist minister" Rev. Franklin Schaefer.

  "Queer Life and Literature" commentator Janet Mason gave the U.S. Postal Service’s decision to honor pioneering gay activist Harvey Milk her "stamp" of approval; found emerging lesbian truth in the words of two women of color; and also leafed through the pages of a guide for parents of LGBT people, mysterious lesbian poetry, a fresh look at Oscar Wilde, an anthology of short stories about gay love, Edmund White’s latest memoir, a "Little Monsters" book about self-healing, and books for and about trans-people and those who love them, and LGBT and queer Muslim identities.

  Steve Pride brought audio clips with his review of the docudrama "Interior: Leather Bar" and spoke with co-director Travis Mathews about re-imagining the lost footage from the controversial 1980 William Friedkin-Al Pacino film "Cruising"; with writer/director Chris Mason Johnson about his movie, set in a San Francisco dance troupe during the pandemic eighties, "Test"; with filmmaker P J Raval about his awarding-winning documentary about LGBT seniors, "Before You Know It"; with documentarian Nicholas Wrathall about his homage to "Gore Vidal: United States of Amnesia"; with "The Dog" documentarians Allison Berg and Steve Keraudren about how they fleshed out the real-life character portrayed by Al Pacino in the 1975 movie classic "Dog Day Afternoon"; and featured comments by writer/director Ira Sachs and clips with stars Alfred Molina and John Lithgow from "Love Is Strange."

  Probable 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton enjoyed some smooth sailing, but also hit rough seas, as she was grilled on National Public Radio’s "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" about lesbigay rights, transgender people, and marriage equality.

  We excerpted radio rants by crackpot "Christians", including Rick Scarborough; Linda Harvey; Rick Wiles; the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins; the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer; Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman; Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality; televangelist Pat Robertson; and infamous "stone the gays" New York pastor James David Manning.

  U.S. President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder – and South African Nobel Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu – each spoke out strongly for LGBT equality.

  As world revulsion began to build against the Sultan of Brunei for approving new laws that call for gay people to be stoned to death, community leaders and celebrities speaking out in favor of a boycott during a demonstration outside the Beverly Hills Hotel – one of the properties the Sultan owns – included Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal, comedian Jay Leno, United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta, and L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center CEO Lori Jean.

  Multi-talented "The Voice" finalist Beverly McClellan does a lot more than sing, as she demonstrated in a "words and music mix" with interviewer Dixie Treichel.

  Charlie Bauer visited with famed portrait artist Don Bachardy in the Santa Monica, California home he shared for many years with iconic writer Christopher Isherwood to reminisce, and discuss a new book with their collected lover letters, "The Animals" – based on the pet names they gave each other of "horse" and "kitty" (produced with Steve Pride).

  With all the books to help women dealing with difficult heterosexual relationships, now there's "The Wise Lesbian Guide To Getting Free From Crazy-Making Relationships And Getting On With Your Life".  Author Amber Ault discussed the similarities and differences with Sande Janagold of WORT-FM/Madison, Wisconsin's "Her Turn".

  Can a gay person define what – or who – is homophobic? Leading Irish drag queen Panti Bliss (Rory O’Neill) ripped equality opponents a new one on the stage of Dublin’s Abbey Theatre in response to that question.

  Mary Milton of "ShoutOut Bristol" shared her conversation with David "Dai" Donovan about being portrayed in "Pride", the acclaimed film about the queer confluence of 1980s Thatcher-era LGBT Londoners and striking Welsh coalminers (with audio clips from the comedy-drama); and Steve Pride spoke with Renata Hill and Patreese Johnson, two of the Black New Jersey lesbians who spent years in prison for simply going "Out in the Night" (with clips from the documentary about their harrowing real-life "American Horror Story").

  Former "Coyote Grace" member and transman Joe Stevens talked with Dixie Treichel about his passion for storytelling, and shared his own narrative, along with the title track from his first solo CD, "Last Man Standing."

  International coordinator Victor Stevenson of Taiwan’s first-ever International Queer Film Festival talked about LGBT movies from near and far, and his unique island home, with PCJ Radio International’s Keith Perron.

  We went from the ridiculousJehovah’s Witness leader Anthony Morris III warning about "inappropriate tight pants designed by homosexuals" – to the sublime self-confident "coming out" rap of 8-year-old trans-boy Alex.

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  And finally, thanks to producer Steve Pride and the weekly crew who reported "NewsWrap" this year (un-alphabetically): Wenzel Jones, Sarah Sweeney, Christopher Gaal, Tanya Kane-Parry, Charlie Bauer PhD, Jenn Mahoney, Michael LeBeau, Natalie Peoples, Jason Proctor, Carole Meyers, Gary Shaw, Michelle-Marie Gilkeson, Rick Watts, Abby Dees, Ryan Pest, Johnnie Torres, Kristin Mellian, Michael Allan, and Chrisanne Eastwood.

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2014 Year End Campaign Specials

  • QuEars of the World Collection -- including an early 70s meeting between folksinger/activist Holly Near and a group of Japanese lesbians; heart-rending reports from Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Malaysia; and the Sapphic Nomads' "audio postcards" from Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. ($25 donation)
  • Gays in Cuba -- a 1976 interview with two gay members of the Venceremos Brigade. ($25 donation)
  • Sappho Was A Right-On Woman -- a raucous 1972 discussion of lesbians in the U.S. ($25 donation)
  • An Evening with Linda Tillery, June Millington and Mary Watkins -- a 1981 concert recorded at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. 3 CDs! ($75 donation)
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Steve Pride
Our award-winning entertainment reporter Steve Pride’s annual picks for the best queer moving images on big and small screens this year. (Available after December 30, 2014.)


Steve Pride
Before counting down his list of the top ten LGBT movies on the big screen in 2013, our multi-award-winning entertainment reporter Steve Pride provides a brief history of queer representations on the Silver Screen, including clips from "Victim", "The Children’s Hour", "Advise & Consent", "The Detective", "The Boys In The Band", "Cabaret", "The Ritz", and "Making Love". He singles out "Whatever This Is" and "Orange Is The New Black" as the year’s best queer offerings on the small screen. And with clips and comments by their makers, Steve reviews his picks for the Top 10 LGBT moving images on the big screen in 2013 - sometimes needing English translations: "Out In The Dark", "I’m So Excited", "Call Me Kuchu", "Yossi", "Dallas Buyers Club", "God Loves Uganda", "Concussion", "Kill Your Darlings", "I Do", and "Pit Stop".

CD Bi indie music icon Ani DiFranco asks "Which Side Are You On?"

Ani DiFranco
The bi feminist indie icon visits with Rosie Wilby on Resonance-FM’s "Out in South London" to discuss how she got into the music biz and her early career — including gigs in London at age 19 that first billed her as "Arne" — why she created her own record label, Righteous Babe, to keep her fiercely independent, the challenges of touring, and the "cameo" by legendary singer/songwriter Pete Seeger on her 17th studio album, "Which Side Are You On?" (includes the title track and "Amendment").


Harvey Milk
In March 1978 now-"This Way Out" Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon traveled to Northern California to interview newly elected San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. Their conversation covered civil rights activism, politics, and some of the gay personalities of the day. The Oscar-winning movie generated renewed interest in this historic figure. And, as you'll hear in this illuminating and highly entertaining half-hour interview with the pioneering LGBT civil rights hero, much of what Harvey had to say still resonates today.


With bluesy/jazzy/country/pop/rock from the personal to the whimsical to the political, the music of Sonia & disappear fear ("Blood, Bones & Baltimore"), Ryan States ("Strange Town"), Roger Mapes ("House of Joy"), Kevin Wong ("The Pink in the Grey"), Sean Wiggins ("Naked Thursdays"), Avi Wisnia ("Something New"), Kristie Stremel ("Color of Stars") and Mike Rickard ("Sweat") is proudly featured in the "AUDIOFILE 2010 YEAR IN REVIEW" (written, produced and hosted by JD Doyle, Chris Wilson, Pam Marshall and Christopher David Trentham).


The legendary American DJ known as "Dr. Demento" raised audio kitsch to an artform. As "Nurse Pimento", the late Southern California gay activist and radio producer David Fradkin added his own kind of spice to pursuing the peculiarities of popular culture in this early 1980s half-hour production, which features some offbeat queer words and music from Carroll "Archie Bunker" O'Connor, Groucho Marx, Perry Como, Laurel and Hardy, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Tommy Smothers, Martin Mull, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Noel Coward, the poignant self-aware words of Holocaust teen diarist Anne Frank, Bessie Smith singing, and her niece Ruby telling interviewer Chris Albertson about, their especially entertaining visit to a "Buffet Flat" -- and more!

Choose one of these hour-long programs for each donation of $50; choose two for $100, etc:


National March
This "audio scrapbook" of the first-ever national LGBT march and rally in the U.S. capital on October 14, 1979, produced by "This Way Out" Associate Producer Lucia Chappelle and Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon, illuminates the problems and the passion of the first demonstration of its kind. As rich with the music and culture of the period as it is with the politics, the hour traces the event from the initial planning conference and some activists' heartfelt and sometimes humorous cross-country trip to D.C. on a "Freedom Train" to the big day itself, and its coverage (or lack thereof) in the conventional media.


Diminished Capacity
Alive with the sounds from the streets, this documentary, produced by "This Way Out" Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon, captures the enormous impact on the queer community of the November 1978 assassinations of openly gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and gay-friendly Mayor George Moscone. The "diminished capacity" defense (since eliminated legislatively) made it possible for former Supervisor Dan White to receive a very lenient sentence for the dual murders, a decision that sent shockwaves through the Castro District and led to what became known as the "White Night Riots." This fast-paced hour tracks the entire story through and including White's eventual suicide, with comments by many leading lesbian and gay activists and journalists of the time, and riveting thematic music by the Tom Robinson Band.


A keepsake collection of more than an hour of "This Way Out" reports during a landmark year for LGBT progress, with the voices of many of the activists involved, covering the advent of legal same gender marriage in Canada, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning state sodomy laws, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision opening legal marriage to queer couples, and a P-FLAG mom's "on scene" account of and sound from the historic consecration of openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson.

SPECIAL PACKAGE: Get all of these CDs for a donation of at least $200. We'll acknowledge donations of $250 or more on the air upon request.

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