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Correct Ally-nment & Het Marriage Exits

“Outcasting Overtime” straight ally Max offers insights for those who want to join him (with announcer Quinn, produced by Marc Sophos).

“Greetings From Janeland” and “Married Men Coming Out” help guide gays and lesbians out of heterosexual marriages.

A “Rainbow Minute” remembers when Hollywood allowed “Only He-Men in the Chorus” (produced by Judd Proctor and Brian Burns, read by John DeBoer).

And in NewsWrap: a London-married gay couple appeals for recognition in Northern Ireland, the homophobic U.S. V.P. awkwardly meets with Ireland’s openly gay P.M., Rio mourns the assassination of a leading lesbian lawmaker, a “Frozen” drag queen rescues snowbound Boston cops, and more international LGBT news reported this week by Michael LeBeau and Tanya Kane-Parry (produced by Steve Pride, written by Greg Gordon).

All this and more on the March 19, 2018 edition of This Way Out!

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