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Down Under the Aisle

Wishing Australia a Happy Marriage Equality Paper Anniversary, Sydney correspondent Barry McKay’s “Australian Marriage Chronicles” charts the struggle that began in 2004 from the point when it boiled over in August, 2017 through the final vote in the Australian Senate!

[Note: NewsWrap returns on the This Way Out to be distributed Jan. 7.]

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Complete Program Summary for the week of December 24, 2018

Down Under the Aisle

Program #1,604 distributed 12/24/18

Hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle

NewsWrap returns on This Way Out Program #1,606 to be distributed 1/7/19.

Feature: On this week’s special program, we celebrate the paper anniversary

That was when the politically conservative Liberal Party of Prime Minister

This special program features:

  1. comments by Karl Stevanovic, David Koch, Scott Morrison, Malcolm

  1. a mid-September 2017 NewsWrap report by MICHELE YEATER and


  2. and music from Mr. Postman by THE CARPENTERS, Return to Sender by ELVIS PRESLEY, Same Love by MACKLEMORE with MARY LAMBERT, It’s Looking Good by THE RUTLES,

Next Week: the biggest LGBTQ news story of 2018 …

Penal Code Section 377: The Final Nail

The death of India’s odious colonial-era anti-gay sex law

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