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NewsWrap September 27, 2021

HEADLINES Queretaro and Sonora extend Mexican marriage equality Honduran and Salvadoran presidents spew homophobia Pride celebrations get jeers and cheers in Odessa and Kyiv Belgrade Pride goes Gaga for partnerships Bolsonaro supports bias and Biden defends rights at UN RuPaul smashes Emmy ceiling and addresses queer youth

SUMMARY Querétaro and Sonora become the latest Mexican states to open civil marriage to same-gender couples, the presidents of Honduras and El Salvador proclaim their opposition to reforming anti-LGBTQ laws, Pride in Ukraine has downs and ups with a neo-Nazi riot in Odessa and a peaceful march of thousands in Kyiv, Belgrade Pride rocks to Lady Gaga and demands equality for same-gender partners, Brazilian President Bolsonaro and U.S. President Biden espouse traditional and progressive values in their UN speeches, and RuPaul encourages queer youth in accepting his Primetime Emmy that breaks a record for people of color.

NewsWrap is reported this week by MR Raquel and Marcos Najera, produced by Brian DeShazor.

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