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What’s “That Itch”?

With our 30th Anniversary, This Way Out has that “7-year itch” that comes with the “quarter-life crisis”: the urge to break out into new dimensions, to re-invent!

Your Year End Campaign contribution can help us “scratch”:

  1. the capacity for more current news coverage and expanded features on our re-designed website

  2. the use of social media to forge a stronger connection with our audience and discover new queer voices

  3. the responsibility of training the next generation of grassroots queer producers and reporters, a fundamental value of our non-profit corporation, Overnight Productions (Inc.) and a vital part of paving the future for This Way Out

Since you’re “itching” to hear more LGBTQ news and culture and have an urge to do your part in the struggle for human rights around the world, we can scratch each other’s backs … and we’ll treat you to our exclusive CDs at a special rate!

Increase the impact of your donation by requesting these special programs on CD and sharing them with others!

  1. Queer November Remembered

  1. Diminished Capacity 

  1. A Conversation with Harvey Milk 

or …

  1. The National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights (documentary on the 1979 event)

  2. From Outlaws to In-laws (SCOTUS rulings from sodomy to civil marriage)

  3. Trump Trauma and Dawn of the Donald (the 2016 US election and it’s aftermath)

  4. Planet Pride: Power and Paradoxes (the 40th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras highlights 2018 Pride celebrations)

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