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SCOTUS Eats Cake!

The US Supreme Court considers free speech, creativity, and anti-gay bias in the infamous Colorado wedding cake case!
Austria's top court declares civil marriage equality, Cambodia's human rights head highlights queer Asia Conference, Tanzanian lesbian arrested after romantic video goes viral, Kentucky marriage activist runs against the clerk of his discontent, equality in matrimony becomes the law of the land in Australia, and more international LGBTQ news!

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Facing The Voices

"This Way Out" Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon:

Greg Gordon

"This Way Out" Associate Producer Lucia Chappelle:

Lucia Chappelle

Music Features Producer JD Doyle:

JD Doyle & Chris Wilson

Music Features Producer/"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Chris Wilson:

JD Doyle & Chris Wilson

"Pride On Screen" Reporter Steve Pride:

Steve Pride

"NewsWrap" Co-anchor & Features Producer Jon Beaupr:

Jon Beaupr

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Christopher Gaal:

Christopher Gaal

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Carole Meyers:

Carole Meyers

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Sarah Sweeney:

Sarah Sweeney

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Wenzel Jones:

Wenzel Jones

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Michael LeBeau:

Michael LeBeau

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor John Dyer V:

John Dyer V

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Jessica Andrea:

Jessica Andrea

"NewsWrap" Co-Anchor Michele Yeater:

Michele Yeater

Queer Lit Commentator Janet Mason:

Janet Mason

Features Contributor Dixie Treichel:

Janet Mason

Australia Correspondent Barry McKay:

Barry McKay

"Rainbow Minute" Producers Judd Proctor & Brian Burns:

Judd Proctor (L) & Brian Burns (R)

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Year End Campaign!

It's not the ones who shout the loudest, it's the ones who sing the longest!

There's been a lot of noise in the air this year ... you might even call it "sound and fury." Through it all, the sound of This Way Out has carried the irresistible drumbeat of LGBTQI determination liberation around the world.

Through all the successes and setbacks, the progress and the persecutions, the jubilation and the tragedy, many wise activists in all the historic movements for the disenfranchised and oppressed have learned that in the end victory comes not to the ones who shout the loudest, but to those who sing the longest. This Way Out has been singing the same tune for nearly 30 years, and it goes like this:
Queer voices must be heard on their own terms without editorial or financial barriers, and that kind of freedom and independence is made possible by listener support.

A bizarre epidemic of "marriage equality panic" or call it "religious freedom syndrome" is becoming the legislative equivalent of the old "homo panic defense" in countries around the world, leading many governments to ban same-gender marriages in advance of any serious call for them, or to attempt to limit LGBTQI rights on the grounds that compliance with anti-discrimination protections is itself discriminatory. Pride parades and other LGBTQI events draw millions to celebrate in Rio and New York City, but far more modest demonstrations draw protesters and riot police in Istanbul and St. Petersburg. Government officials march with LGBTQI people in Canada, Germany and Australia, but have them arrested in Egypt, Uganda and Chechnya.

These backlashes are the feedback that will continue until the social sound systems of the world adjust to life without the distortions of homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, and all other forms of bigotry. LGBTQI voices keep singing, and This Way Out keeps circulating that song through radios, computers, mobile phones, satellite systems and cable outlets to every corner of the globe!
You can sing along to defeat the noise with a contribution to This Way Out during the waning days of 2017. If you want a U.S. tax deduction for the year, now is the time! It's also the time for special holiday offers. Bring the song home with either of these two CD "thank you gifts," ON SPECIAL for $15 off during our 2017 Year End Campaign (Please ask for them at this reduced rate when completing your transaction!):
  • Australia's first legal same-gender marriages are expected to happen in January 2018! We're compiling all of our reports on this long, historic campaign and some never-before-aired bonus material into a giant MP3 CD collection. You can pre-request this exclusive "thank you gift" for a donation of JUST $45 from now until December 31st, and well send it out as soon as the final chapter is written!
  • From Outlaws to In-Laws, our a 65-minute audio compilation of feature reports on the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings in the Lawrence v. Texas sodomy law case and the Proposition 8 and Obergefell marriage equality cases, is available via download for a donation of ONLY $35, if you make your request NOW!

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As This Way Out looks forward to its 30th anniversary on the air, we also want to celebrate you, our listener-donors, and the unsung heroes who have carried the tune of LGBTQI liberation and made a difference for you. When you make your 2017 Year End contribution, let us know who you would include in your own hit parade of "noise defeaters."

The Big Yes!

Equality Wins in Australia!

Over 60% of Australian voters said YES in the controversial marriage equality postal plebiscite. See the moment the results were announced in Sydney, hear campaigners Alex Greenwich and Anna Brown, and celebrate at Polly's Follies at the Stonewall Hotel with Sydney Councilor Christine Forster and Senator Dean Smith. (Correspondents: William Brougham and Barry McKay)

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This website doesn't exactly challenge the outer limits of technology, but there's still a wealth of information here:

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It began with hope, it epitomized change, and it ended with an unprecedented challenge. This Way Out follows the era of the 44th U.S. President from the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, to the Supreme Court marriage equality victory, to his anti-discrimination Executive Orders and his call for renewed commitment in the future all in a new collection of historic feature reports. Click the PayPal link below to own this keepsake LGBT history CD with a minimum donation of $50. Don't forget to specify this unique gift in the COMMENTS section when you include your postal mailing address!


Trump Trauma The defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump shocked the world, and protesters took to the streets in many major cities. Featuring: Paul Ryan, Russ Feingold, Vladimir Putin, Franois Hollande, Jeremy Buckingham, Ban Ki-Moon, Jonathan Capehart, Rachel Maddow, and Charles Moran.
Dawn of the Donald The first week of the Trump transition to the presidency confirmed progressives' worst predictions. Queer journalists Michelangelo Signorile and Karen Ocamb bring things into focus with their election post mortem.
Click the PayPal link below to request this informative and entertaining CD with a minimum donation of $50. Don't forget to specify this Special Edition in the COMMENTS section when you include your postal mailing address!


In a little over a decade, LGBT people in the U.S. went from being outlaws to having in-laws. Three landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings each announced on June 26th in their respective years took gays and lesbians from decriminalization to civil marriage. This 65-minute LGBT history keepsake recalls the 2013 demise of DOMA the Defense of Marriage Act the high court decision that opened the door to the justices' marriage equality ruling in 2015. But first, laws against private consensual adult same-gender lovemaking had to be struck down and the Supreme Court did that on June 26th, 2003.
Click the PayPal link below to own this keepsake U.S. LGBT history CD with a minimum donation of $50. Don't forget to specify this Special Edition in the COMMENTS section when you include your postal mailing address!

Choose one of these half-hour programs for each donation of $25; choose two for $50, etc:


The Freedom To Marry
By the end of 2013, 14 states and the District of Columbia had opened civil marriage to same-gender couples. How did those numbers more than double in 2014? This special half-hour tries to the answer that question: "Courting Marriage 2014" features Indiana Solicitor General Thomas Fischer; 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals Judges Richard Posner, Ann Claire Williams & David Hamilton; legal eagles Camilla Taylor and Kenneth Falk; "BuzzFeed's" Chris Gender; Freedom to Marry founder Evan Wolfson; MSNBC's Rachel Maddow; The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer; Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert; Republican U.S. House Speaker John Boehner; Newsy's Christian Bryant; NPR's Nina Totenberg; and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg... with music by Romanovsky & Phillips and Arro Verse.


Naegle & RustinKarla Jay
His partner for the last 10 years of his life Walter Naegle discusses with "This Way Out" correspondent Vash Boddie the work and legacy of Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s openly gay organizer of 1963's historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom; and trailblazing lesbian-feminist activist Karla Jay recounts her early days in the New York feminist/LGBT movements with our Steve Pride.


Kathy WolfeTab Hunter Confidential
Steve Prides annual countdown of his favorite LGBT films of the year became a sit down this time with two of his favorite people behind what he called an exciting year in queer cinema. In Part One, he chats with KATHY WOLFE, founder and CEO of WOLFE VIDEO, now in its 30th year in business, about the ever-changing world of queer film distribution; and in Part Two, Hollywood heartthrob and formerly closeted actor/singer TAB HUNTER chats with Steve about his long and varied show biz career.

CD Bi indie music icon Ani DiFranco asks "Which Side Are You On?"

Ani DiFranco
The bi feminist indie icon visits with Rosie Wilby on Resonance-FM's "Out in South London" to discuss how she got into the music biz and her early career including gigs in London at age 19 that first billed her as "Arne" why she created her own record label, Righteous Babe, to keep her fiercely independent, the challenges of touring, and the "cameo" by legendary singer/songwriter Pete Seeger on her 17th studio album, "Which Side Are You On?" (includes the title track and "Amendment").


Harvey Milk
In March 1978 now-"This Way Out" Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon traveled to Northern California to interview newly elected San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. Their conversation covered civil rights activism, politics, and some of the gay personalities of the day. The Oscar-winning movie generated renewed interest in this historic figure. And, as you'll hear in this illuminating and highly entertaining half-hour interview with the pioneering LGBT civil rights hero, much of what Harvey had to say still resonates today.


With bluesy/jazzy/country/pop/rock from the personal to the whimsical to the political, the music of Sonia & disappear fear ("Blood, Bones & Baltimore"), Ryan States ("Strange Town"), Roger Mapes ("House of Joy"), Kevin Wong ("The Pink in the Grey"), Sean Wiggins ("Naked Thursdays"), Avi Wisnia ("Something New"), Kristie Stremel ("Color of Stars") and Mike Rickard ("Sweat") is proudly featured in the "AUDIOFILE 2010 YEAR IN REVIEW" (written, produced and hosted by JD Doyle, Chris Wilson, Pam Marshall and Christopher David Trentham).


The legendary American DJ known as "Dr. Demento" raised audio kitsch to an artform. As "Nurse Pimento", the late Southern California gay activist and radio producer David Fradkin added his own kind of spice to pursuing the peculiarities of popular culture in this early 1980s half-hour production, which features some offbeat queer words and music from Carroll "Archie Bunker" O'Connor, Groucho Marx, Perry Como, Laurel and Hardy, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Tommy Smothers, Martin Mull, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Noel Coward, the poignant self-aware words of Holocaust teen diarist Anne Frank, Bessie Smith singing, and her niece Ruby telling interviewer Chris Albertson about, their especially entertaining visit to a "Buffet Flat" -- and more!

Choose one of these hour-long programs for each donation of $50; choose two for $100, etc:


National March
This "audio scrapbook" of the first-ever national LGBT march and rally in the U.S. capital on October 14, 1979, produced by "This Way Out" Associate Producer Lucia Chappelle and Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon, illuminates the problems and the passion of the first demonstration of its kind. As rich with the music and culture of the period as it is with the politics, the hour traces the event from the initial planning conference and some activists' heartfelt and sometimes humorous cross-country trip to D.C. on a "Freedom Train" to the big day itself, and its coverage (or lack thereof) in the conventional media.


Diminished Capacity
Alive with the sounds from the streets, this documentary, produced by "This Way Out" Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon, captures the enormous impact on the queer community of the November 1978 assassinations of openly gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and gay-friendly Mayor George Moscone. The "diminished capacity" defense (since eliminated legislatively) made it possible for former Supervisor Dan White to receive a very lenient sentence for the dual murders, a decision that sent shockwaves through the Castro District and led to what became known as the "White Night Riots." This fast-paced hour tracks the entire story through and including White's eventual suicide, with comments by many leading lesbian and gay activists and journalists of the time, and riveting thematic music by the Tom Robinson Band.


A keepsake collection of more than an hour of "This Way Out" reports during a landmark year for LGBT progress, with the voices of many of the activists involved, covering the advent of legal same gender marriage in Canada, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning state sodomy laws, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision opening legal marriage to queer couples, and a P-FLAG mom's "on scene" account of and sound from the historic consecration of openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson.

SPECIAL PACKAGE: Get all of these CDs for a donation of at least $200. We'll acknowledge donations of $250 or more on the air upon request.

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