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Welcome to This Way Out!


Producers of radio content for 

This Way Out: International LGBTQ Radio news magazine.


This Way Out (TWO) is an independent, weekly, half-hour, internationally distributed magazine-style community radio program, of, by and for the LGBTQ community, based in Los Angeles, CA. Any and all subjects relevant to the LGBTQ community — news and politics, arts and culture, movement issues and prominent personalities, etc. — are acceptable program material. TWO FEATURE PRODUCERS WORK ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS (some expenses may be reimbursed with pre-arrangements).


TWO is interested in program material from LGBTQ communities around the world that has significance or implications beyond its local importance. (For example, consider how this local event demonstrates strategies that can be applied in other communities.) We place a high priority on the rarely heard voices of LGBTQ people in the world’s most oppressive regions, and on the perspectives of LGBTQ people of color, women and gender-variant people.


The following Guidelines are flexible in consultation with TWO producers.


STANDARD FEATURES (generally 4-7 mins.)

Interviews, on-scene reports, issue reports (with sound and analysis)


EXTENDED FEATURES (generally 8-10 mins., 15 mins. max.*)

Interviews, reviews, etc. with sound (e.g., filmmaker or musician interviews with clips or samples)

On-scene reports with analysis and/or additional comments by principals, experts, etc.

Should include break/re-intro at the half

[*Note: full-length 15-minute features are rare, and reserved for major, highly produced material]


MULTI-PART FEATURES (generally 4-7 mins. each, 2-4 consecutive parts)

E.G., a series of stand-alone features on a particular subject, or an extended interview that can sustain over several weeks, etc. 



Short commentaries on issues; book, music and/or film reviews (without author comments or clips/samples)


NEWS MINI-FEATURES (generally 2-3 mins.)

Breaking news stories with sound, too long for inclusion in NewsWrap segment (weekly round-up of LGBTQ international news, ca. 10 mins. total).


NEWSWRAP SOUND STORIES (60-90 secs. with sound)

Brief report on a breaking news story for inclusion in NewsWrap.





Email Coordinating Producer Greg Gordon at with your pitch/proposal/offer.


Include topic, guests, sound, background information, approximate length, scheduling priority (i.e., “must run soon” or “evergreen” etc.).


TWO will respond with our interest, suggestions, specific instructions; further discussion on approach, timing specifics, suggested musical intro/outros, etc., with TWO producers as necessary.


When all is agreed, send us your feature/story preferably in .wav or .aiff format via arranged file transfer system (Hightail, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.). 


While it is our intention to work with producers on any necessary editing or alterations, TWO reserves the final right to edit, especially to fit the available overall program time.  Producers should be aware that the final editing process might not allow for last-minute consultations.




(Program Distribution: Mondays)



pitch by Friday, 12 noon PT

text lead-in by Friday, 9pm PT

finished story by Saturday, 3pm PT



pitch by Friday, 12 noon PT

host lead-in text by Saturday, 12 noon PT

finished feature by Sunday 12 noon PT

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