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News Anchors

Meet some of the wonderful This Way Out News Anchors who help shape the program.

Interested in joining the team and lending your voice (literally) to our program?  

Click the button below to learn more how you could become part of the anchor squad.

What our news anchors say about working for This Way Out 

I'm a bi woman of color who navigates a network of intersecting identities everyday. I volunteer with TWO to affirm to listeners that the stories of our LGBTQ communities are worth telling and uplifting. 

It’s vitally important to me that our LGBTQI+ stories get told, shared and broadcast to the world on a consistent basis. I’m grateful that I’m a part of the TWO team and I’m able to contribute in this unique way to my community. 

Because being on air is my passion and TWO is such a good cause! 

Radio is my favorite medium


I want to use my voice to speak out and speak up for our community, keep us informed and and empowered to organize for an expansion of protections, rights and opportunities towards true equality. 

This past year has made clear the importance of standing with people and causes about which one cares, and this ambitious and vibrant approach to important news about the LGBTQIA community feels like company I'd like to keep. 

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