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Ready to Join This Way Out?

Audition to be a News Anchor

Interested parties can request an audition packet or send any questions to Lucia Chappelle.

The audition packet consists of audition instructions, tips for audition reading, audio sample of a reader and script for audition.

Please include in your email request any relevant experience you’ve had, and provide your full name (off-air and on-air, if different), pronouns, and contact info (email, phone and postal mailing address).

Record yourself reading the sample NewsWrap text in the audition packet, and attach the audio file to an email. It does not have to be professionally recorded — just a voice-memo on a smartphone or other voice recording application will be fine. Let us know if you need any technical assistance!

Notes on how to prepare:

  • Our style is “conversational,” not like a news robot or affected “anchorperson” voice. Imagine a single person that you’re reading, moreover telling, the story to. (You can check out complete NewsWraps at

  • Look up the pronunciation of unfamiliar words or names online. Google Translate and are among the resources you can try.

  • Take a pause before a quotation to distinguish it from the narration. Do not say “quote … unquote.”

  • Warm up your voice with a few practice readings before recording … and be sure to hydrate!

Before your “maiden voyage,” you’ll hear from NewsWrap Producer Brian DeShazor. He’ll go over the process with you and will make sure you’re all set to do a great recording, whether you’re roughing it at home or have some kind of studio facility at your disposal.

We’d also like to have a headshot of you for P.R. purposes. 

If you need us or have any questions, here’s our contact information:

Lucia Chappelle, TWO Asso. Producer,

Brian DeShazor, NewsWrap Producer,

A young man in a recording studio
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