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NewsWrap: August 2, 2021

Ghana’s lawmakers draft draconian anti-queer bill Record Budapest Pride defies Hungary’s homophobia Poland hate map makers sued by “LGBT Free Zones” Christian web designer’s religious bias case crashes Virginia court throws pro-trans policy to school boards Nebraska villains threaten Drag Queens before Story Hour Florida anti-queer hate group fails to prove it isn’t one Arch homophobe Anita Bryant spawns lesbian progeny

Severe penalties for LGBT people and their advocates are contained in a bill introduced in Ghana’s Parliament that activists call “the most homophobic document the world has ever seen,” a record 30,000+ people march in Budapest’s annual LGBTQ Pride Parade to oppose P.M. Viktor Orban’s “no promo homo” laws, four Polish activists are sued for slander by six local “LGBT-Free Zones” identified on their interactive “Atlas of Hate,” a Virginia judge’s upholding of the state Education Department’s pro-active policies to accommodate transgender students sends implementation to local school boards, death threats force the cancellation of a Drag Queen Story Hour event at a Nebraska children’s museum, anti-queer Florida-based Coral Ridge Ministries’ suit against the Southern Poverty Law Center for their hate group designation fails because they can’t prove it’s wrong, and the lesbian-engaged granddaughter of anti-LGBTQ campaigner Anita Bryant struggles to decide whether to invite her to the wedding.

NewsWrap is reported this week by Melanie Keller and Michael Taylor-Gray.

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