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NewsWrap August 30, 2021

HEADLINES Nicaragua’s NGO purge targets its oldest queer group Shanghai University “surveys” students to track queers Yucatan joins Mexico’s marriage equality states School board pays ACLU $1.3 million for Grimm case Lesbian teacher loses bias suit against Catholic high school Colorado Christian school kids walk out over pushed-out gay coach

SUMMARY Nicaragua’s government moves to shut down the LGBTQ group Fundación Xochiquetzal and other non-governmental organizations, China’s Shanghai University is accused of collecting information about “non-heterosexual” students, Yucatan becomes the latest Mexican state to open civil marriage to same-gender couples, the Gloucester County School Board agrees to reimburse the legal costs of trailblazing Virginia trans student Gavin Grimm, a U.S. federal court rules that an Indiana archdiocese had the right to fire a veteran teacher because of her same-gender marriage, and students at a Denver, Colorado Christian high school stage a walk-out to support their gay volleyball coach after he’s forced to quit.

NewsWrap is reported this week by Joe Boehnlein and John Dyer V, produced by Brian DeShazor.

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