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NewsWrap February 21, 2022


EuroCourt okays blocking funds to rights-violating Hungary and Poland

Russian court rebuffs liquidation of queer rights group

Kuwait high court overturns anti-trans law

Thai parliament passes marriage equality buck to Cabinet

US LGBTQ-identified population surges in new Gallup Poll


The European Court of Justice okays the withholding of funds to the anti-queer regimes of Hungary and Poland, Russia’s Justice Ministry fails in a St. Petersburg court to shut down queer “foreign agents” the Russian LGBT Network and the Sphere Foundation, Kuwait’s Constitutional Court overturns a penal code anti-trans statute criminalizing “imitating the opposite sex,” marriage equality legislation passed by Thai lawmakers is sent to the Cabinet for “study,” activists in Bangkok and Taipei demonstrate on Valentine’s Day for marital parity, and a new Gallup Poll finds that the number of adults in the U.S. who identify as queer has virtually doubled in the past decade.


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