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NewsWrap February 28, 2022


Putin’s Ukraine attack may use anti-queer hit squad plan

Queer Chechen siblings jailed for internet youth activism

India’s Medical Commission calls for prosecution for conversion therapists

Non-binary Mexican wins first “NB” birth certificate

Florida’s House won’t say gay


LGBTQ Ukrainians defend their country against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion in spite of intelligence indicating they could be targeted by his secret murder squads, two young gay and transgender Chechen siblings get long prison terms for bogus security breach convictions, India’s National Medical Commission recommends that practitioners of conversion therapy be prosecuted for professional misconduct, a Mexican court approves the country’s first non-binary birth certificate, El Salvador’s top court orders Congress to allow trans people an unfettered change of gender on official documents, and Florida’s notorious “Don’t Say Gay Bill” edges closer to inevitable enactment.


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