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NewsWrap: July 19

Protesters demand Georgian Prime Minister’s resignation in the wake of the death of a TV cameraman assaulted by an anti-Tbilisi Pride mob, the European Commission’s steps to sanction Hungary and Poland happen at the same time that the European Court of Human Rights rules against Russia in a marriage equality case, Israel’s Supreme Court strikes down a law excluding single men and queer couples from access to fertility and surrogacy services, two trans women in Cameroon jailed for “attempted homosexuality” are being released pending their appeal, five gay men arrested in a raid in the Sharia-governed Nigerian state of Kano face caning in addition to the secular one-year prison term, Minnesota’s House-Senate stalemate on banning “conversion therapy” leads Governor Tim Walz to cut off state funding for it, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear cuts anti-queer bias protections state contracts with a Baptist-affiliated children’s services agency, a federal judge issues a temporary injunction preventing the enforcement of Tennessee’s law requiring businesses to post signs outside trans-inclusive restrooms, and a “side-benefit” of Texas Democratic legislators’ walkout against harsh voting restrictions is the lack of a quorum to pass two anti-trans-in-sports bills.

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