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NewsWrap July 25, 2022


Euro Commission loses patience with homophobic Hungary

Andorra approves marriage equality

Taiwanese gay wins marriage to Japanese spouse

Federal court blocks Biden’s trans protection plan

Greek gay activist’s killer free after two months in prison

Russia’s top tennis woman Kasatkina comes out

Christian zealots zap Seoul’s Queer Culture Festival


The European Commission brings its human rights complaint against Hungary’s “no promo homo” law to the Court of Justice, Andorra’s General Council unanimously approves marriage equality, a Taipei court orders the recognition of a Taiwanese gay’s marriage to his Japanese husband despite the law’s binational restrictions, a U.S. federal judge in Tennessee blocks the Biden administration from enforcing transgender anti-discrimination protections on the grounds that it would stop states from discriminating, one of the killers of Greek gay activist and entertainer Zak Kostopoulos is released for family reasons after serving just two months of a 10-year prison sentence, Russia’s top-ranked women’s tennis player Daria Kasatkina dares to come out, 13,000 LGBTQ Pride celebrants in Seoul face down Christian opponents to demand basic anti-bias protections.

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