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NewsWrap July 4, 2022


500 Turkish activists arrested for “attempted Pride”

Dublin paraders hospitalized after post-Pride assault

Impromptu Pride honors Oslo mass shooting victims

Glasgow Pride defeats anti-LGBTQ Christian crusaders

Santiago Pride celebrates marriage equality

Bogota Pride toasts leftist president’s election

Hundreds of couples wed at Mexico City Pride weddings

Warsaw shares its Pride with Kyiv counterparts

Proud Boys invade more Drag Queen Story Hours

Floridians grapple with not saying “gay”


Riot police nab hundreds in Istanbul and make more arrests at Pride events across Turkey, five Dublin Pride party-goers are attacked by thugs who put three into the hospital and critically injure one, the Prime Minister and Norwegian royalty join thousands to pay tribute to the victims of a shooting rampage on queer venues in Oslo, proud Glasgow Christians lead the chants to drown out anti-queer religious counterprotesters, major Pride events across South America celebrate rights victories with record turnouts and a Mexico City mass wedding, Kyiv Pride organizers and other Ukrainian refugees march with Polish queers and their allies as a top court rejects “LGBT-Free Zones,” armed U.S. white supremacist Proud Boys menace small children and parents at story time, and Florida teachers and queer students take cover as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill goes into effect.

NewsWrap is reported this week by John Dyer V and Michael Taylor Gray, produced by Brian DeShazor. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for international LGBTQ weekly news.

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