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NewsWrap November 15, 2021


Ghanaians begin debate on “proper” sex and family rights

Russia adds major queer group to “foreign agent” list

UK lesbian couple sues NHS for fertility bias

Spain restores IVF services for single and queer women

Trans teens stand tall in Tennessee, Texas and Indiana


A Ghanaian parliamentary committee begins the debate on a draconian bill that would outlaw all LGBTQ advocacy and trans health care, the high-profile Russian LGBT Network is labeled a “foreign agent” by Putin’s Justice Ministry, a married lesbian social media influencing couple sues Britain’s National Health Service over a “gay tax” on government-funded fertility services, Spain’s Health Minister reinstates IVF services for LBT and nonbinary women eliminated by the previous conservative government, a trans boy is suing the state of Tennessee for denying him the right to try out for his high school boys golf team, the proud mom of a Texas trans girl seeks legal help to challenge that state’s athletic trans ban, and two high school trans boys challenge Indiana’s “bathroom bill” that bars them from gender-specific campus facilities.

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