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NewsWrap November 22, 2021


Thai top court pushes marriage equality to lawmakers Swiss clocks set for July queer wedding day IOC changes the game for trans and intersex Olympians U.S. Health Dept. kills Trump era religious bias Christian florist settles gay wedding refusal case Russian authorities axe LGBTQ film fest website Notoriously homophobic Australian town turns rainbow leaf


A lesbian couple’s marriage equality suit is rejected by Thailand’s Constitutional Court, the Swiss government “sets the date” for the country’s first same-gender weddings, the International Olympic Committee issues new guidelines for transgender competitors to be interpreted by regional and sport-specific governing bodies, the U.S. Health and Human Services Department revokes the previous administration’s policy allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people based on religious belief, a Christian Washington state flower shop owner agrees to a cash settlement in her eight-year legal battle to refuse a gay customer’s wedding order, Russian regulators “disappear” the website of the long-running St. Petersburg-based Side By Side LGBTQ Film Festival, and Ulverstone, Tasmania’s City Council flies the rainbow flag after decades of being known as “the most homophobic town in Australia.”

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