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This Way Out Radio Episode #1813: The Queerest News of 2022 (Pt.1)

Complete Program Summary
for the week of December 26, 2022

The Queerest News of 2022 (pt. 1)

Program #1,813 distributed 12/26/22
Hosted this week By Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle
(NewsWrap returns on our program to be distributed 9 January 2023.)

Feature: In Part One of This Way Out’s review of some of the queerest news of 2022, we remember attacks in Republican-controlled U.S. state legislatures against LGBTQ youth, especially transgender young people; the murderous shooting at Colorado Spring’s Club Q; the queer angle on the year’s most reported story, Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine; and the almost year-long arrest and detention in Russia of WNBA All-Star Brittney Griner; with humor along the way provided by TV satirists John Oliver and Jon Stewart, and from the homoerotic relationship between Skyfall characters and actors Daniel "James Bond" Craig and Javier “Raoul Silva” Bardem (reported by LUCIA CHAPPELLE, JOHN DYER V, ELENA BOTKIN-LEVY, DAVID HUNT, MARCOS NAJERA and TANYA KANE-PARRY; special thanks to REECE JACKSON-WHITTAKER; music FROM MELISSA ETHERIDGE, STEPHEN STILLS, ANNA NETREBKO and THE METROPOLITAN OPERA, and the James Bond Theme conducted By JOHN BARRY).

Our review of some of the queerest news of 2022 continues next week.

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