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NewsWrap April 18, 2022


Alabama bans “divisive” instruction and gender-affirming care

Tennessee “straight marriage” law left at the altar

Jalisco joins Mexico’s marriage equality states

Virginia stops gay-saying while Maryland stops bias

Kentucky passes trans sports ban over governor’s veto

Australian trans sports ban gets Prime support

Dumbledore’s love-life stays closeted in China


Alabama’s state Republicans pass an anti-trans trifecta of laws, arch-conservative Tennessee representative’s heterosexual-only marriage law fizzles at the end of the legislative session, Jalisco becomes Mexico’s 25th state to open civil marriage to same-gender couples, Virginia’s governor signs a bill banning undefined “sexually explicit content” in public school classrooms, Maryland lawmakers ban bias against minorities in schools, Kentucky’s Republican majority overrides Democratic governor’s veto of trans school sports ban, Australia’s proposed national ban on trans girls and women in school sports is boosted by incumbent conservative Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and profit-minded Warner Brothers bows to Chinese censors by removing the gay revelation in “The Secrets of Dumbledore.”

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