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NewsWrap August 22, 2022


Branding rights kill WorldPride Taiwan

US court rules trans people covered by disabilities act

Anti-trans hysteria hits Boston Children’s Hospital

Out NFL player sails to Buccaneers

Griner awaits Russian appeal and prisoner swap deal

Serbian Orthodox bishop weaponizes EuroPride curses


Taiwanese WorldPride 2025 organizers cancel after failing to reach a naming agreement with InterPride, a U.S. federal appeals court rules that trans people’s gender dysphoria is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Boston Children’s Hospital issues warnings about death threats spurred by social media accusations that it performs gender-affirming surgeries on patients under 18 years old, National Football League lone out player Carl Nassib signs a one-year deal with Florida’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Russian lawyers for jailed lesbian WNBA star Brittney Griner appeal her harsh drug possession sentence as quiet prisoner exchange negotiations continue, and thousands demonstrate in support when Serbian Orthodox Church Bishop Nikanor Bogunoviċ says that if he had a weapon he’d use it against EuroPride in Belgrade.

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