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NewsWrap December 20, 2021


France surgically removes conversion therapy

EU Justice Court orders ID papers for queer couples’ kids

Mexican marriage equality spreads to Zacatecas

Rights group notes doubled queer count in US Census sub-survey

Senegalese lawmakers offer odious anti-LGBTQ bill

Barbados starts new republic with rights guarantees


France’s parliament comes out strong against conversion therapy; the Court of Justice of the European Union orders all member states to legally recognize the children of queer parents, Zacatecas state lawmakers decide to join Mexico’s march to marriage equality, a U.S. Census Bureau survey analysis doubles the LGBTQ population estimate to 20 million, a small group of Senegalese lawmakers draft legislation to outlaw LGBTQ identity and advocacy, and Barbados equality activists cheer inclusion in the nascent government’s initial charter guarantees.

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