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NewsWrap December 4, 2021

Updated: Dec 7, 2021


Repeal of Botswana’s queer sex ban upheld on appeal

Mauritius’ sodomy law challenged in Supreme Court

Delhi marriage equality cases delayed for streaming request

Canada’s House votes to ban conversion therapy

Hungarian lawmakers okay “LGBT propaganda” referendum

Honduran legislature gets first gay deputy

Santiago district elects Chile’s first trans congress member

Bangladeshi town elects country’s first trans mayor


Botswana’s Court of Appeal overrules the government to uphold the decriminalization of same-gender sex, the Mauritius Supreme Court considers repealing “the crime of sodomy” law, the Delhi High Court delays its consideration of a package of Indian marriage equality cases after plaintiffs ask for live streaming of the proceedings, Canada’s House of Commons takes only two days to unanimously approve a ban on conversion therapy for minors, Hungarian lawmakers approve a dangerous public vote on so-called “LGBT propaganda,” Sweden has its first transgender cabinet minister, Hondurans vote in their first gay national legislator, Chileans elect their first transgender Chamber of Deputies member, and voters in Trilochanpur, Bangladesh welcome the country’s first transgender mayor.

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