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NewsWrap: February 1

Honduran lawmakers make it more difficult to undo harsh constitutional bans on marriage equality and abortion, Singapore activism around trans rights and the ban on gay sex lead to three arrests and a renewed legal challenge, Taiwan’s government moves toward allowing bi-national same-gender couples to marry, two young gay men are the latest victims of caning in the public square in the Indonesian province of Aceh, the European Court of Human Rights rules that Romania should not prevent two trans men from changing their official designation without gender reassignment surgery, the new Biden administration’s U.S. Justice Department reverses a last-minute Trump policy to restrict Supreme Court-ordered LGBTQ job protections, past winners return their Australia Day Honors to protest the elevation of religiously anti-queer former tennis star Margaret Court to the country’s highest civilian award, and male penguin couple Sphen and Magic are raising a new chick and asking the public to help find a name!

Produced by Brian DeShazor
Written by Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle
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