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NewsWrap: May 31

Police in Ghana arrest 21 LGBTQ people for unlawful assembly for attending a training workshop on documenting human rights abuses, a raid on a Bangkok gay sauna nets 62 men at a “chemsex” party for violating COVID lockdown restrictions, German lawmakers vote to compensate queer service members discriminated against before the ban on gays and lesbians was lifted, Spanish lawmakers reject a bill to allow trans people to change their legal gender on government IDs without medical or psychological approval, a bill to ban transgender competitors in school sports dies in the Texas House, 50 current and former college athletes petition the NCAA to enforce its vow to keep tournament events out of “hate states,” trans kids’ families and their doctors sue Arkansas to stop the first U.S. law banning gender-affirming care for minors, Nashville, Tennessee’s District Attorney announces that his office will not prosecute violations of the state’s mounting anti-transgender laws, and Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre becomes the first Black lesbian to lead a White House press briefing.

Produced by Brian DeShazor
Written by Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle
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