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Sex and Security Putin’s Way

Remy Bonny, Belgian-based political scientist and LGBTQ activist, discusses the interactions among the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin, the U.S.-based World Congress of Families, the European Union, and the former Soviet Republics, and the queer movement’s impact on those crucial international relations.

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Complete Program Summary for the week of December 23, 2019

Sex and Security Putin’s Way

Program #1,656 distributed 12/23/19

Hosted this week by Lucia Chappelle and produced with Greg Gordon

(NewsWrap returns on our week of 01/06/20 program.)

Feature: Remy Bonny is a Belgian political scientist and LGBTQ activist who

specializes in the queer movement’s impact on international relations. From his base in Brussels, Bonny’s current research focuses on the interactions between Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation, the European Union and the former Soviet Republics. This Way Out Sydney correspondent WILLIAM BROUGHAM chats with Bonny via Skype (Part One) + Promo for “The Next Thing You’ll Hear” with teases for next week’s Trump vs. BUTTIGIEG “In Their Own Words” Musical Extravaganza + In the conclusion of this exclusive

interview, Bonny draws the connections between the U.S.-based World Congress of Families and international anti-LGBTQ forces in the Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, and Uganda — among others — as a part of Russia’s overall campaign to disrupt liberal democracies.

Feature: Serving up a healthy slice of The Therapy Sisters to convey our musical wish to you and yours: Happy Whatever You’re Having!

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