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NewsWrap April 25, 2022


Russian court strangles funder of queer activism

South Korean high court halts military jail for same-gender sex

Marriage equality loses first round in Navajo Nation process

Kansas governor says “Gay” and supports trans athletes

Montana trans lawsuit blocks surgery demand for gender marker change

Florida warns against gender-affirming care for kids

Nevada school board candidate finds homosexuality unconstitutional


A Russian court orders the dissolution of the charitable foundation that funds the country’s leading LGBTQ advocacy group, South Korea’s Supreme Court overrules the military code that put two gay soldiers in jail for having sex while off duty and off base, the first Navajo Nation Council committee to consider marriage equality rejects the proposal, Kansas Democratic Governor Laura Kelly vetoes a pair of anti-queer bills from the Republican-majority legislature, a district court in Montana temporarily stops a new state requirement for trans people to undergo surgery before legally changing the gender marker on their birth certificates, the Florida Health Department’s guidance against medicinal and social gender-affirming treatment for minors hints that debunked conversion therapy is preferable, and a Nevada county school board candidate claims that gay people are “unconstitutional” because they can’t procreate.

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