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NewsWrap January 24, 2022


Chile’s new progressive Cabinet boasts two queer members

Honduras high court shuns marriage equality plaintiffs

Taiwanese gay dads finalize nation’s first co-adoption

Japanese gay sues Taipei for marriage to Taiwanese partner

US trans youth remain in state Republican crosshairs

Parodied Pence rabbit hops across the Rainbow Bridge

Brigham Young U probed by feds for anti-queer bias


Chile’s activist incoming president taps a gay man and a lesbian to join his diverse Cabinet, the Honduras Constitutional Court snubs the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ order to open civil marriage to queer couples, the spouse of a Taiwanese gay man becomes the first in the country to officially adopt the child his husband adopted before their marriage, a Japanese-Taiwanese gay couple files suit in Taipei demanding that civil authorities accept their marriage registration, at least seven U.S. states initiate Republican-driven bills to restrict the rights of trans and non-binary youth, former “Bunny of the United States” Marlon Bundo hops into the heavenly White House, and the U.S. Education Department is investigating unequal treatment of LGBTQ students at the Mormon’s Brigham Young University.

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