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NewsWrap March 28, 2022


Singapore queries citizens on sodomy law repeal

Italy identifies “Alex” as non-binary

Texas appeals court blocks investigations of trans kids’ families

Lone Star A.G. calls Austin schools’ Pride plans “immoral”

DeSantis dangles “Don’t Say Gay” as protests proliferate

Trans sports ban vetoes face overrides in Indiana and Utah

Marriage license-denying Kentucky clerk looses court battle


Singapore’s government tests the courts’ assumption that the society isn’t ready to decriminalize same-gender sex with a public survey that gets an “overwhelming” response, the Court of Rome approves Italy’s first legal non-binary gender identification, a Texas appeals court upholds a lower court’s temporary restraining order to stop Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s “child abuse” investigations into the parents of transgender children, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accuses the Austin School District of “immoral and illegal” action in arranging an LGBTQ Pride Week, queer workers at the Walt Disney Companies organize walkouts to protest its lame response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and substantial contributions to anti-queer politicians, the Indiana and Utah Republican governors’ vetoes of bills to ban transgender athletes from school sports lose in their legislatures, and a judge rules that a Kentucky county clerk who denied marriage licenses to two queer couples is potentially liable for compensatory and punitive damages.

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