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“Diminished Capacity”

A 45-minute radio documentary by Greg Gordon … for your donation of $50 (US) to This Way Out!

Alive with the sounds from the streets, this documentary captures the enormous impact on the queer community of the November 1978 assassinations of openly gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and gay-friendly Mayor George Moscone. The “diminished capacity” defense made it possible for former Supervisor Dan White to receive a very lenient sentence for the dual murders — a decision that sent shockwaves through the Castro District and led to what became known as the “White Night Riots.”

This fast-paced 45 minutes tracks the entire story through and including White’s eventual suicide, with comments by many leading lesbian and gay activists and journalists of the time, and riveting thematic music by the Tom Robinson Band.

(Excerpts from this program are featured on This Way Out, May 20, 2019.)

Available on CD or for DOWNLOAD:

Please request this program and specify CD or Download when you contribute $50 or more to support This Way Out.


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