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NewsWrap: April 26

Five high-level cronies of Chechnya’s Ramzan Kadyrov who lead the “gay purge” are charged with crimes against humanity by a German NGO and the Russian LGBT Network, a Namibian court refuses to let gay dads bring their surrogate-born twins home from South Africa, Tennessee Senate passes its version of a beefed-up “bathroom bill” with Arkansas following suit, governors in North Dakota and Kansas veto bans on trans school athletes, Montana’s bill to outlaw gender-affirming treatment for minors is postponed indefinitely, Arizona governor vetoes a bill to require prior parental permission when queers are discussed in school, Louisiana governor vows not to sign discriminatory anti-trans bills, and New South Wales trans activists disrupt a right-wing lawmaker’s hearings on a bill to ban acknowledgment of gender identity and gender diversity in public schools.

Produced by Brian DeShazor
Written by Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle
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