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NewsWrap August 15, 2022


Uganda’s SMUG shuttered by government “Catch 22”

Florida’s trans people denied coverage for gender-affirming care

Tennessee trans girl fights bathroom bias

Montrealers marches proudly despite parade cancelation

Louisiana Christian school bars return of lesbians’ child


Sexual Minorities Uganda is shut down for not having the registered non-governmental organization status its been seeking for a decade, the administration of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis denies gender-affirming care coverage under the federal-state Medicaid financial assistance program, an eight-year-old trans girl’s family files a federal lawsuit challenging Tennessee’s law preventing the use of sex-segregated public facilities based on gender identity, hundreds march through Montreal, Canada to celebrate Pride although the official parade is abruptly cancelled for lack of volunteers, and a Louisiana orphan’s pre-school blocks her advance to kindergarten when she’s adopted by her lesbian aunt and her wife.

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