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NewsWrap August 16, 2021


Baja California joins Mexico’s marriage equality states Taiwanese gay wins right to marry Macanese partner Guyana decriminalizes cross-dressing Cameroon’s “attempted homosexuality” trans women assaulted Uzbekistan’s bogus gay anal exams draw global outrage Olympic “Team LGBTQ” triples in size and multiplies medals Charlotte, NC revives queer protection ordinance


The legislature of Baja California follows other Mexican states that have implemented the Supreme Court’s marriage equality order, a gay Taiwanese-Macanese couple defeat Taiwan’s restrictions on foreign partners from non-marriage equality countries, Guyana’s antiquated law against cross-dressing used to harass trans women is stripped from the books, Cameroonian social media star Shakiro and her friend are beaten by a mob while awaiting their appeal on identity and “attempted homosexuality” charges, nine international human rights groups urge Uzbekistan to stop using anal exams to determine homosexual activity, the Tokyo Olympics boast three times as many participants in a 32-medal LGBTQ contingent, the City Council of Charlotte unanimously passes a discrimination protection ordinance to replace the one that triggered North Carolina’s infamous “bathroom bill.”

NewsWrap is reported this week by Wenzel Jones and Wendy Natividad, produced by Brian DeShazor.

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