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NewsWrap August 29, 2022


Singapore to repeal ban on sex between men

Hong Kong gay loses equal marriage portability appeal

Vietnam heals LGBTQ "disease" and treatment stance

Conversion therapy survivors get help in New Zealand

Appeals court upholds Arkansas transgender care ban injunction

Church apologizes for homophobic “Hamilton” production


Singapore’s Prime Minister announces the intention to repeal the law that criminalizes male homosexual sex while maintaining heterosexual only civil marriage, a Hong Kong appeals court refuses to recognize activist Jimmy Sham’s U.S. marriage to his husband, Vietnam’s Health Ministry declares that being LGBTQ is not a “disease” to be cured or converted, New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission makes conversion therapy survivors eligible for formal apologies and possible financial compensation from practitioners, a U.S. federal appeals court upholds a temporary injunction against Arkansas’ enforcement of a ban on gender-affirming care for people under the age of 18, and a McAllen, Texas Christian church is paying the price for mounting a homophobic version of the hit musical “Hamilton.”

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