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NewsWrap January 10, 2022

HEADLINES Senegal’s legislature nixes tougher anti-queer laws Two tortured Tunisian gays seek sex crime repeal U.K. expands “Turing’s Law” pardon eligibility Israel opens surrogacy services to queer couples Taiwan family court grants adoption rights to gay co-dad Cuba proposes new pro-marriage equality Family Code India’s major matchmaking site opens to LGBTQ hopefuls

SUMMARY Senegal’s proposed expansion of its anti-LGBTQ laws is rejected by a parliamentary committee, two convicted men challenge Tunisia’s ban on gay sex after serving a year in prison, the U.K. expands the criteria for pardons for gay men convicted under archaic sex laws, Israel’s government offers surrogacy services to LGBTQ people and straight male singles, a Taiwanese gay man succeeds in adopting his husband’s child in a Family Court first, Cuba’s National Assembly unanimously sends a marriage equality-inclusive Family Code on for a public consultation process, and a popular online matchmaking business in India expands its services to include love-seeking LGBTQ people.

NewsWrap is reported this week by John Dyer V and Sarah Montague, produced by Brian DeShazor. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for international LGBTQ weekly news.


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