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NewsWrap June 13, 2022

HEADLINES Thai Cabinet sends civil partnership proposal to Parliament Czech president’s “full stop” threatens civil marriage bill Istanbul’s peaceful Pride kick-off attacked by riot police Louisiana governor surrenders on trans sports ban Ohio House votes to verify school athletes’ genitals Texas judge restrains trans kid healthcare probes Drag queen readings rock rightwing hate “groomers” Lieu tells Christian homophobes in Congress to come to Jesus SUMMARY Thailand’s Cabinet sends a proposal for Southeast Asia’s first same-gender civil partnerships to its Parliament for approval, President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic promises to veto the marriage equality bill lawmakers are considering, Turkey’s national security police and local riot cops arrest 11 Istanbul Pride organizers at their opening declaration, Louisiana becomes the 18th U.S. state to ban trans girls and women from competing in school sports, Ohio’s trans student sports ban requires a doctor’s verification of a questionable athlete’s biological gender — inside and out, a new lawsuit prompts a county judge to temporarily stop Texas child abuse investigations into the families and caregivers of trans children receiving gender-affirming treatment, protests against Drag Queen Story Hours lead to violent threats and efforts to legislate age restrictions on cross-dressing entertainment, and California U.S. Congressperson Ted Lieu observes the silence of Jesus on homosexuality as a lesson to his rightwing Christian Republican colleagues.

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