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NewsWrap March 14, 2022


Guatemala’s president rejects marriage equality ban

Courage and calamity for Ukrainian queers

US congressional concern for Griner in Russian detention

Texas and Biden clash over state anti-trans witch hunt

Idaho and Oklahoma bills target trans youth gender healthcare

South Dakota and Tennessee catch “don’t say gay” fever


Conservative Guatemalan President Giammattei announces his surprising intention to veto a bill to constitutionally ban marriage equality and increase prison time for abortion, Ukrainian queers valiantly resist Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion, Warsaw Pride ships emergency medical supplies to Ukrainian transgender and HIV/AIDS patients, activist hackers insert “Gay Clown Putin” and other anti-war messages into Bulgarian and Russian broadcasts, U.S. officials are alarmed about Russia’s detention of lesbian basketball star Brittney Griner on drug-smuggling charges, Texas Governor Abbott and his Attorney General sue the Biden administration for cutting funding the in battle over gender-affirming medical care for transgender children, Idaho lawmakers pass bans on treatment for trans youth and LGBTQ-supportive books for minors as Oklahoma follows suit, South Dakota Governor Noem is expected to sign a bill to eliminate “divisive” state college and university courses as Tennessee learns to do the same, and more U.S. states ride anti-LGBTQ bills on Florida’s “don’t say gay” wave.

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