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NewsWrap: May 17

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vows to fulfill Queen Elizabeth II’s pledge to ban conversion therapy, Biden administration restores anti-bias protections for LGBTQ people in U.S. healthcare, a 20-year-old Iranian man is beheaded by relatives in an “honor killing” after they discovering his sexual orientation, a friendly restaurant meeting in Cameroon leads to “attempted homosexuality” convictions and five years in prison for two trans women, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Sierra Pacific Synod elects the Rev. Megan Rohrer as mainstream Christianity’s first transgender bishop, the Human Rights Campaign reports that more anti-queer laws have been enacted in the U.S. so far in 2021 than there were in all of the worst year on record, and the North Welsh town of Bangor elects the world’s second non-binary mayor.

Produced by Brian DeShazor
Written by Greg Gordon and Lucia Chappelle
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