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NewsWrap May 9, 2022


Sarajevo court slams anti-queer hate speech

Eswatini LGBTQ rights acknowledged in legal loss

Nigerians protest harsh anti-cross dressing bill

US feds fight Alabama’s criminal trans healthcare ban

Floridians won’t say pay for DeSantis’ Disney retaliation tax

Louisiana Don’t Say Gay bill dies

Black lesbian makes history as White House Press Secretary


A Sarajevo municipal court hands down Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first conviction for anti-queer hate speech since anti-bias laws were enacted 13 years ago, the eSwantini High Court’s refusal to legally register a queer rights group includes recognition of LGBTQ people’s right to exist, about 50 young Nigerians brave demonstrating against a proposed bill to make “cross dressing” a crime, the U.S. Justice Department sues the state of Alabama to block its criminalization of healthcare professionals who provide gender-affirming care to trans adolescents, three Orlando-area taxpayers sue Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for sticking them with the bill for yanking Walt Disney World’s “special status,” a copycat “Don’t Say Gay” bill dies in a Louisiana state House committee, and Karine Jean-Pierre is set to become the first Black queer White House Press Secretary.

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