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NewsWrap October 11, 2021


Turkish court finds no crime in Pride marching Poland challenges E.U. supremacy over LGBTQ rights Russian media censor calls feminists and queers extremist French lawmakers advance “conversion therapy” ban Gay judge dissects Texas abortion ban Scotland schools lead in inclusivity studies


Eighteen Turkish students and a faculty member are freed after an Ankara judge concludes that peaceful Pride marching is lawful, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal rules that the country’s homophobic policies take precedence over the European Union’s commitment to LGBTQ rights, the chair of Russia’s child protection media watch-dog says that “LGBTQ ideology” and radical feminism should be outlawed for extremism, France’s National Assembly passes a law banning conversion therapy on to the Senate, gay Federal District Court Judge Robert Lee Pitman issues a damning ruling against the unconstitutional Texas abortion restrictions, and Scotland becomes the first nation to require an LGBTQ-inclusive school curriculum.

NewsWrap is reported this week by Sarah Montague and Michael LeBeau, produced by Brian DeShazor.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for international LGBTQ weekly news.


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