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NewsWrap October 4, 2021


German voters elect two trans MPs Taipei Court says trans people have nothing to prove Polish “LGBT Free Zones” bow to EU pressure Hungary declares its right to homophobia Kenya bans another queer film Thai high court evades marriage equality again


German trans parliamentary candidates Tessa Ganserer and Nyke Slawik are the first to be elected to the Bundestag, the Taipei High Administrative Court rules that requiring trans people to provide proof of completed surgery before legally changing their gender is unconstitutional, Poland’s “LGBT-Free Zone” regions start rescinding their declarations under threats by the E.U. to withhold COVID relief funding, Hungary’s government defies the E.U.’s LGBTQ-positive pressure with harsh age restrictions on queer films and TV shows, a documentary about the challenging life of a gay Kenyan man is banned by the country’s Film Board, and Thailand’s Constitutional Court delays ruling on a marriage equality case without explanation for the third time this year.

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