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NewsWrap September 20, 2021


Cuba proposes marriage equality in new Family Code Curacao court rules for lesbian couple’s rights COVID benches Hong Kong Gay Games and Taiwan Pride McKee’s killers arrested in Northern Ireland UK appeals court overturns trans youth treatment ban Evangelical Lutheran Church in America installs trans bishop Out NFL player forces fateful fumble in first game Lil Nas X thanks “the gay agenda” for MTV Video Award RuPaul’s Emmy winning streak bugs Australian fly catcher


Cuba’s Justice Minister drafts marriage equality into a revised Family Code, Curacao’s high court rules that denying a lesbian couple civil marriage is unconstitutional without an equivalent alternative, the coronavirus pandemic forces the Hong Kong Gay Games to postpone and Taiwan Pride to turn virtual, four suspects are arrested for killing lesbian journalist Lyra McKee during Northern Ireland violence, the U.K. Court of Appeal overturns a High Court ruling that forbid prescribing gender-affirming puberty blockers to transgender youth, Rev. Megan Rohrer becomes the first trans person to be installed as Bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, first out National Football League player Carl Nassib makes a game-changing play in his first regular season game, rapper Lil Nas X picks up MTV’s “Video of the Year” and gives “the gay agenda” a shout-out, and RuPaul’s record tenth Emmy adds inspiration to a gay Australian entomologist’s latest discovery.

NewsWrap is reported this week by Sarah Montague and Wenzel Jones, produced by Brian DeShazor.

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