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This Way Out Episode #1710 January 5, 2021 “Coming Out & Making It Real!”

Two selections from This Way Out’s Global Queer READ-In (produced by Brian DeShazor with Rebecca Drapkin) that each speak to the theme of “Coming Out and Making It Real”: Grammy-winner B. Hawkins brings an original prose piece about how her mother’s coming out in print helped her make it real and pays homage to Virginia Woolf, and Broadway star and community activist Anthony Wayne reads a selection from “Men Of The House” by James Earl Hardy about being out and making it real in a remodeled family!

Complete Program Summary and NewsWrap Transcript for the week of December 28, 2020

Deb Price Out Loud!

Program #1,709 distributed 12/28/20

Hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle

(NewsWrap returns on our week of 11 January 2021 program.)

H A P P Y     N E W      Y E A R !

Feature: From the “This Way Out” Archives – May 12, 1993: longtime Kansas City contributor DAVE BUELL profiles Deb Price, the first nationally-syndicated mainstream newspaper columnist to regularly write about gay and lesbian issues. Price talks about the power her column gives her to reach closeted gays and lesbians. There are also comments from Bill Tatum, “Life and Times” editor of the Springfield, Missouri, News-Leader, and Bob Giles, publisher of Gannett’s Detroit News and Price’s boss.

Feature: Long before “queer theory” was an academic discipline, there was Harry Hay; to really understand Hay’s role in the development of queer consciousness, we turn to a 1975 interview where he expresses the original ideas that led to the founding of Radical Faeries in 1979. And long before there were well-funded libraries and archival collections of LGBT history, there was Jim Kepner, founder of the International Gay & Lesbian Archives, a collection that is now part of the ONE Archives at the USC Libraries (narrated by LUCIA CHAPPELLE; with thanks to Brian DeShazor and the Pacifica Radio Archives; intro/outro music from Harry Hay written and performed by TIM CAIN and BOYS’ ENTRANCE; and internal transition music from Best Friend (The Unicorn Song) by MARGIE ADAM).

Feature: For the Straight Folks (Who Don’t Mind Gays, But Wish They Weren’t So Blatant) by iconic Black lesbian feminist poet-activist Pat Parker, ties a ribbon on this week’s “pioneers”-themed holiday special.

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