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This Way Out’s 2020 Queer Year In Review!

Dear Friend of This Way Out Radio,

Thank you to those who have already sent your year-end gift. We really appreciate the thought and care. We at This Way Out/Overnight Productions wish you and your loved ones a happy closure of 2020 and a better 2021! Only with your help can we bring the news and events that affect LGBTQ+ communities around the world to the radio airwaves worldwide.

an independent


non-commercial entity

unencumbered by corporate oversight

from the frontlines of the LGBTQ+ movement

a touchstone for queer people still living in fear

The critical work made possible by This Way Out’s listener-donors for the past 32+ years is not close to being finished. Your financial contribution gives This Way Out / Overnight Productions the tools to advance the organization in the ever-changing world of community radio, online radio and podcasting to reach the people who need us the most.

This year we welcomed a new digital media coordinator to expand our reach online and on social media platforms and we are thrilled to see our audience grow. We added closed captions to the NewsWrap headlines YouTube videos giving hearing impaired and deaf audiences more immediate access.

We have expanded our NewsWrap anchor team of volunteers, welcoming four new voices to bring listeners the news headlines each week.

The goal for 2021 is to create and distribute Spanish language translations of the NewsWrap headlines in text and closed captions for YouTube videos, ultimately distributing Spanish language versions for radio broadcast.

Your one-time $200 donation will launch us into these ambitious new projects.  A sustaining $20 monthly donation will ensure that the next thing you hear will be a bolder, more far-reaching This Way Out. Donate any amount — be it $10, $25, $50 or $100 — and add your voice to the enduring legacy of the only international LGBTQ news and information service broadcast on public and community radio stations and other outlets around the world!

Coverage of the LGBTQ issues you care about and sharing the inspiration of queer arts and culture depend on your generosity. Donors like you are the real heroes of This Way Out / Overnight Productions!


Brian DeShazor

CEO Overnight Productions, (Inc.)

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