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NewsWrap May 30, 2022


Australia’s Morrison’s hate beat by love’s Labor’s won

Church of Scotland says We Do to marriage equality

Austria shifts blood donor rules from people to practices

Indiana lawmakers override trans sports ban veto

Oklahoma’s school bathrooms “out of order” to trans kids

Montana maneuver defies feds on gender ID rules

Dallas pediatric trans clinic remains open to new patients

Ellen's talk show dances into herstory


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his anti-queer coalition government are defeated by the Labor Party’s Anthony Albanese, the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly votes to allow same-gender marriage ceremonies, Austria lifts its ban on blood donations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, Indiana’s Republican-majority legislature overrides the Republican governor’s veto of an anti-trans school “bathroom bill,” Oklahoma doubles down on extremism with a trans youth sports ban and an anti-choice law, Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services invents “emergency” rules to bypass a court order blocking a contested law on trans birth certificate gender changes, a Dallas judge extends her order to keep Children’s Medical Center’s trans clinic open to new patients pending trial, and Ellen DeGeneres bids farewell to her weekday afternoon talk show.

NewsWrap is reported this week by Michael Taylor-Gray and Marcos Najera, produced by Brian DeShazor. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for international LGBTQ weekly news. See for complete NewsWrap transcripts and more information.


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